Your Spring Residential Roofing Checklist

With the arrival of warmer temperatures and the snow melting off our homes, the opportunity for preventative maintenance presents itself. The changes in weather, temperature and humidity over the seasons will have ranging effects on your entire roofing system, from subtle to extreme. The best option is to have a properly trained and experienced roofer come out to your residence for an inspection, which should cover all of the following:

Exterior Checklist

  • bare spots

  • noticable granule loss

  • missing or loose shingles

  • exposed or rotten plywood

  • curling, buckling, or clawing shingles

  • chimney damage

  • missing or damaged metal flashing

  • rotten or damaged fascia boards

  • bulging or sagging of roof deck

  • proper ventilation

  • damaged or clogged eavestroughs

  • missing or damaged downspouts

  • damaged or missing siding or soffit

Interior Checklist

  • leaks around vents or chimney

  • any light visible from inside attic

  • sagging or rotten plywood

  • mould accumulation

  • water spots on drywall

  • water coming in through tops of windows

If any of these conditions exist it is important to contact an experienced roofer to assess what action should be taken. Most roofing repairs are relatively inexpensive when caught early, but if left unchecked can turn into a much more expensive problem.

Call Certified Roofing today at 519.991.3886.

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